Decorating Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms are a challenge.   As an interior designer, I work on all sorts of spaces.  Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your small bathroom.

Door swing.  Installing a pocket door (a door that slides into the wall) give you several square feet of floor space by eliminating the door swing.

Sink style. A pedestal sink makes the room look bigger.  The more actual floor you see, the bigger the space appears.

Flooring. Choose a floor in a solid color or with a very subtle texture. Grout should match the tile.  Avoid bold patterned flooring.

Shower.   Fabric shower curtains can make the space feel closed in. Instead, install glass shower doors.  Clear or patterned glass gives the illusion of more space.

Never skimp on style just because a space is small.

    • Hang a beautiful mirror
    • Install fabulous lights.  Look for something unexpected like a mini chandelier or sconces in an unexpected finish
    • Paint the room a bold color
    • Paint the ceiling a bold color
    • Hang a beautiful painting.  Just make sure it isn’t valuable since water and humidity can damage art
    • Install glass shelves and display a favorite collection
    • Invest in luxurious towels.  Small does not have to mean cheap or skimpy

    The point is, if you decorate a small bathroom beautifully, the size is no longer the focus.  After all, a room you spend a lot of time in should reflect your personality, even a bathroom.