About Merri

Merri Cvetan

I started my career as an interior designer when we finished remodeling our home.  I loved the space planning, choosing finishes and decorating every little inch. It was trial and error. We made mistakes, but I learned a lot along the way. I’ve had the decorating bug since I was a little girl, but wanted to know everything about design, so I returned to college (Mount Mary) for a second degree in Interior Design.

(If I had only known some of the tricks earlier I wouldn’t have chosen marble for a powder room floor!).

I live a “Casual Chic” life in a 1890s farm house with my husband Tom and sons Patrick and Zach. Our son Tyler is married to his college sweetheart Kelly.

I’ve been collecting antiques and vintage furnishings forever. My favorite shopping places are flea markets and antique stores. I love the challenge of up-cycling: taking an object and re-purposing it into something even more beautiful and useful.  I write a weekly column for Amazing Goodwill.com  featuring lots of DIY ideas.

 I’m an amateur photographer, love to travel and study French (J’adore tous ce qui est français) !

Although I enjoy entertaining, I hate to cook.  My party philosophy is “if the table looks fantastic, it doesn’t matter what you serve”.

My design blog, Style By Design, is about all things design related, living a stylish life, entertaining and travel. I share decorating and design tips, ideas and secrets. I explore style trends ranging from fun and funky, practical and extravagant to traditional and contemporary. 

I would love to help you on your design journey. Invite me into your home. The possibilities are endless (and lots of fun!).